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June 1. 2018 -

I have established company Tech Bridge IVS cvr 39863197 for this project and crowdfunding. I will be working commercially within the Bridge area to commercialise new opportunities from a technological perspective.

2015- now

A periode with different experiences including early retirement and preparation of this project.


I initiated the start-up project, Topmaegler, focusing on tapping into the real estate market in Denmark. During the launch period I participated in a pre-springboard at Connect Denmark in June 2012. I acquired and managed an EU- funded grant worth DKK 50.000 and was apppointed a fund of DKK 100.000 to Aalborg University in May-October 2013 (The Danish "Videnkupon" now Innobooster). Topmaegler proved successfull and is online today, but I left the project before the go-to- market late 2014.


During this period, I established my own real estate company, that focused on rental properties, including my own property , in Aarhus.


My business activities focused on consultancy with smaller companies and later transitioned into trading goods, namely handicrafts, glassware and furniture. As an agent, I represented the Spanish Company La Mediterranea in Scandinavia and was in charge of representing the company at numerous trade shows, mainly in Germany.


During my 12-year career with one of the largest banks in Denmark, my focus was on improving the bank’s organizational structures and facilitating better communication between the various branches of the bank. This also included optimizing product sales, services, public outreach, IT capacity and procedures. As Head of Division the last years, I gained management experience and oversaw six employees in the Organizational Department at the main headquarters of the bank in Copenhagen. Prior to obtaining this management position, I worked both in branches and in internal staff offices.


Graduate Diploma Finance

Following my high school graduation in 1972, I served one year in the Danish armed services, which preceded my entry and graduation from Aarhus University in 1980. I hold solid experience in the field of accounting from my financial background and many years of being self-employed.